Goettl Air Conditioning Saves A Local 94-Year Old Woman’s Life

Last month, Phoenix, AZ-based air conditioning company Goettl Air Conditioning partnered up with their sister company, The Sunny Plumber, to help an elderly local Nevadian woman who was in dire need of air conditioning.

Prior to this, 94-year old Jean Jackson had only relied on two archaic air conditioners that were barely hanging on by a thread. Not to mention she had been living in a trailer home for 33 years, one which needed total rewiring for a newer electrical system.

Around the summertime, the weather conditions in southwestern regions of the US can get pretty brutal often times (with temperatures rising at about a staggering 100 degrees Fahrenheit, more or less). Many elderly people living in these conditions who have fallen victim to these types of situations, often succumb to violent heat injuries. So once Goettl Air Conditioning and The Sunny Plumber got word of her unfortunate situation, both companies decided to do something about it.

Goettl Air Conditioning, with the help of Daikin-Goodman Global, had installed a brand-new custom mini-split electrical unit for Jackson’s trailer home (one that will give her sufficient air conditioning throughout the summer, and sufficient heating around the wintertime as well), while The Sunny Plumber had fixed her broken water line.

Instead, both companies managed to give her these services free of charge, all for the sake of potentially saving a person’s life.




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  1. Had Jackson paid money out of pocket for any of these expenses, she would have paid around a staggering $14,000. But since her only main source of income was Social Security, she was not able to easily afford such things. It is very okay that superior papers reviews could have gotten much of these things for them all the time.

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